Benefits of Balanced Soil by Energy Solutions

balanced soilThe balanced soil is the soul of the agriculture. Prolonged overuse of the chemicals in farming has damaged soil hurting its critical organisms and nutrients. Fertile soil is a mixture of well-balanced minerals, high organic matter, humus, humic, fulvic and carbonic acids, good aeration and bountiful soil life. The biology or life in the soil is at its healthiest when the nutrients are plentiful and balanced, and there is sufficient oxygen and water. The balanced soil, achieved by our leading organic nutrient Energy Solutions, provides following key benefits:

DECOMPOSITION OF CROP RESIDUES: These materials will only decompose if certain species of fungi and bacteria decay them allowing recycling processes to occur to form large amounts of humus. The decaying function converts the food energy in fresh organic matter to a form that feeds other soil organisms.

RETENTION OF NUTRIENTS: The Energy Solution promotes the function of nutrient retention by multiplying the populations of bacteria and fungi. They gather up free nitrogen from the soil and convert it to protein in their bodies. Nitrogen in this form, will not leach away or be lost as a gas.

NUTRIENT RECYCLING: Energy Solution encourages nutrient retention so that beneficial nematodes can be encouraged such as the protozoa that feed on bacteria, and beneficial soil mites that feed on fungi. These species cause nitrogen especially, but also phosphorus and other nutrients, to be released at a gradual non-stressful rate.

BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF ROOT ROT & PARASITIC NEMATODES: A healthy soil converted/retained by use of Energy Solution contains a broad diversity of microbial types. They most often contains species that kill or suppress the kinds of fungi that cause root rot and nematodes that attack roots.

PRODUCTION OF PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS: All plants depend on the presence of certain species of soil micro-organisms in the root zone to produce various hormones that stimulate growth and development, other than those produced by the plant itself.

CLEAN UP OF HERBICIDE OR PESTICIDE CARRY OVER: Most herbicide and pesticide molecules can be “eaten” or degraded by certain kinds of microbes if those species are present in the soil. A healthy soil promoted by Energy Solution will tend to rid itself of agrichemical carry over and other forms of pollution.


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  • Increases farm productivity with balanced nutrition and soil health
  • Is safe, clean and efficient way of infusing essential nutrients not provided by chemicals
  • Achieves balanced soil that is healthy and fertile.
  • Activates soil to rid itself of agrichemicals and other pollutants
  • Induces organic chelation and provides Amino acids that have efficiency of penetrating nutrients directly into plant cell
  • 100% organic, made with unique Australian ingredients. Contains no bovine, ovine, porcine or manures. It does not require Hazchem code or Poisons Schedule

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