Dangerous Pesticides

How dangerous pesticides play with your health

They are designed to kill the insects, bacteria, fungus and provide an artificial boost to the output of the crops. Studies after studies have proven their insidious methods and impacts on human health, environment and ecology. Still, they are rampantly used risking the very human existence. The toxins in these dangerous pesticides can cause sickness, irreversible health issues and even death. They can enter the human body through dermal (skin), oral (mouth), inhalation (lungs) and eyes. Here is the list of some common pesticides and their impact on our health:


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We must demand food item without these pesticides. If you are a commercial grower or home gardener, you can ask us to supply you our advance organic pesticides that are 100% certified organic.

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Authored by Smur Marcom – Miss. Konudula Oohitha



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