glyphosate ban in india

Urgent steps are needed for Glyphosate ban in India

A toxic chemical (a weedicide or a herbicide) called Glyphosate is making huge inroads into India, primarily because of regulators related to genetically modified (GM) crops, as well as pesticides, are simply not discharging their responsibility or fulfilling their mandate to protect citizens from associated risks, on the environmental and health fronts.

This controversial chemical is causing a great deal of concern to governments and citizens elsewhere and is forcing them into pro-active action so that citizens may be saved from the numerous adverse impacts of Glyphosate. That is because glyphosate has been linked to probable carcinogenicity, endocrine disruption, kidney and liver damage, reproductive health problems, neurological effects etc.

The Government of India, as well as state governments are turning a blind eye to the growing problem of Glyphosate in India, despite illegalities in the use of this poison. It is time citizens ensured that governments acted the way they are supposed to, to protect our interests.

Let us ensure that we raise voice for Glyphosate ban in India and ensure that authorities take some immediate doable steps. Action needs to be taken up promptly by the Centre and the States so that we have a safe and sustainable environment, and that our food remains free of this toxic Glyphosate. Let’s do our bit for Glyphosate ban in India<

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