Select food that has the least pesticide exposure

It is inevitable to ingest food items today that are not peppered with dangerous doses of Pesticides. They induce adverse health effects including cancer, effects on reproduction, immune or nervous systems. While we fight for organic pesticide use and reimagine a world without such dangerous chemical, it is prudent to select food items with least pesticide exposure in food. Here is the list of food sources that have the least pesticide use, relatively speaking.

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Food items with maximum pesticide residue

Here are EWG’s  (Environmental Working Group) dirty dozen culprits:

1. Apples  2. Strawberries 3. Nectarines 4. Peaches 5. Celery 6. Grapes 7. Cherries 8. Spinach 9. Tomatoes 10. Sweet bell Peppers 11. Cherry tomatoes 12. Cucumbers


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Authored by Smur Marcom – Ms. Gausia and Mr. Anil Killa<

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