Kosara is an App-based community farming project directed and supported by Smur Agro!


Kosara is an app-based community farming project. The project is directed and supported by Smur Agro Ventures. It allows you to grow your own organic food on a healthy and pristine piece of land under the supervision of our experienced team of agronomists using Smur Agro Ventures 100% certified organic inputs.

Kosara is also destination where life comes to take a breather. From herb gardens and fruit orchards, to regular workshops, community events and exhibitions, it is more than just your source of food. It’s a holistic movement towards food-enlightenment

Over the last few decades, as India’s food requirements have grown, its ability to grow quality food has taken a hit. Our farms have become mills and their produce, chemical concoctions. The Yamuna Belt in Delhi for example, where some of Delhi’s food is treated/cultivated, is littered with toxic chemicals that end up seeping into our food and inevitably into us.

When was the last time you bit into a Mango and had its juice stream down your hand? When was the last time that the smell of fresh coriander scuttled around your house as your mother made fresh green chutney? Kosara wants to take you back to that moment by providing an innovative food-solution that uses age old wisdom with new age technologies to grow food like it should be Clean and Fresh!

With a team of agronomists and farmers possessing decades of collective experience, Kosara is pioneering India’s modern food revolution.


Join Kosara Farming Community! Download Kosara Android APP or IOS APP and enjoy fresh organic vegetables delivered at your doorstep!! 

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