Ban on harmful pesticides

Neonicotinoid, one of the most widely used insecticide in the world would soon be banned across Europe under draft regulations from the European commission. These harmful pesticides,  have been in use for over 20 years and are known to harm not only important pollinators like bees and their ilk but also killing  insects, microbes, lizards, earthworms, birds and even coastal shellfish.  In 2011 the International Union for Conservation of Nature set up a task force to review the safety of systemic pesticides. After reviewing over 800 studies the group called for a global phase-out.

In India, The Anupam Verma Committee, set up to review the continued use of 66 pesticides that have been barred/restricted for use in farming in other countries, has recommended a ban on 13 ‘extremely hazardous’ harmful pesticides (see table), phasing out of six ‘moderately hazardous’ ones by 2020, and review of 27 pesticides in 2018.

The six pesticides suggested for phasing out by 2020 are: alachor, dichorvos, phorate, phosphamidon, triazophos and trichlorfon.

harmful pesticides

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