organic precision farming

Our pioneering Precision Organic Farming System, SmurGen continues giving remarkable results. In this Bhavnagar farm in Maharashtra, Pomegranates are dense, bright and big. On average, there are 100 fruits weighing between 270 to 300 grams as of today. Only our residue-free organic inputs are used. Complete irrigation, fertigation and nutrition administration is done using our unique SmurGen precision system.

When we started, many plants were infected with bacterial blight. With our applications, it was arrested without letting it spread any further. Besides, many plants were almost dead due to mar disease attack (nematode-based) but now are fully rejuvenated with healthy fruit.


precision organic farming

SmurGen system is a first of its kind precision organic farming system. It is a unique convergence of Technology, Knowledge and Human Expertise. It is based on five fundamental principles:

  1. Ecological: SmurGen system celebrates the symbiotic relationship with man and nature. A system that doesn’t treat nature as a resource but as a partner of beautiful coexistence and abundant nourishment. 
  2. Nutritious: By all evidence, it is clear that nutritious food must be grown in harmony with nature and without using sinister synthetic chemicals. SmurGen ensures agro-ecological processes using organic inputs. 
  3. Profitable: Growing food can be nurturing and remarkably profitable at the same time if done with intelligence and care. 
  4. Scientific: Science and technology empower us in using better tools to our advantage. SmurGen system is based upon scientific principles and its processes and results are precise, evidential, and quantifiable.  
  5. Integrated: SmurGen is indistinguishable convergence of Technology, Knowledge and Human expertise.


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