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Global Positioning
Global Imaging
Hyper-spectral Imagery
Sensor Technology
Advanced Algorithms
Weather Forecasting
Machine Learning & AI


Crop Pathology
Crop Entomology
Seed Behavior
Market Price Data

Human Expertise

Interpretation Capabilities
Interactive Capabilities
Agriculture Expertise
Organic Practices
Sustainability Practices
Six SIgma Implementation

SmurGen is based on five fundamental principles

  1. Ecological: SmurGen system celebrates the symbiotic relationship with man and nature. A system that doesn’t treat nature as a resource but as a partner of beautiful coexistence and abundant nourishment.
  2. Nutritious: By all evidence, it is clear that nutritious food must be grown in harmony with nature and without using sinister synthetic chemicals. SmurGen ensures agro-ecological processes using organic inputs.
  3. Profitable: Growing food can be nurturing and remarkably profitable at the same time if done with intelligence and care.
  4. Scientific: Science and technology empower us in using better tools to our advantage. SmurGen system is based upon scientific principles and its processes and results are precise, evidential, and quantifiable.  
  5. Integrated: SmurGen is indistinguishable convergence of Technology, Knowledge and human expertise.
five fundamentals

How it works.....

 With high-resolution imagery and GPS, we identify farmland/s coordinates, accurately mark the periphery and measure the areas.

Various farm data is collated including:

Crop type/s
Past Yields
Soil type
Irrigation facilities,
Watering pattern
Sowing and reaping schedule
Past diseases
Past Pest Attacks

We conduct comprehensive Soil, Water and Petiole Analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. In addition, various factors are mapped and analyzed for accurate interpretation:

Water, Soil and Petiole Testing: Using state-of-the-art Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy our lab conducts an extensive analysis of Physiochemical, Microbial, Biochemical, Mineral and Micro-nutrient properties of Water, Soil and Petiole samples. 

Hyperspectral Mapping by advance drones for Nutrition and Moisture Mapping.

Terrain and Groundwater Analysis using Satellite technologies

Installation of Sensors for real-time data collection

Based on extensive analysis and collated data, we provide:

Reports and Advisory: Based on extensive analysis and testing, we provide detailed reports with marked issues/deficiencies and solutions.

Crop Type and Schedule Advisory: We suggest optimal crop types based upon analysis and factor compatibilities. In consultation with the farm, we provide crop sowing and reaping schedules.

Intercropping pattern: We suggest Intercropping pattern for best nutrient availability and pest resistance.

Irrigation Schedule: Provide detailed irrigation schedule and water amount.

Integrated Nutrition Management Schedule: Crop specific nutrition application schedule is provided. Besides we make organic and residue free inputs available including at-farm sources, nearby sources and from 100% approved organic products.

Weather Forecasts: Daily, weekly and Monthly weather forecasts are provided for irrigation and other planning.

Harmful Pest Prediction (HPP); Fortnightly we carry pest forecasts. A combined approach of real-time field observations, earth observation space technology, infrared scanning, and plant health modeling is used for prediction and confirmation of the agriculture pests. The Earth-observing space technology is used in monitoring the weather and ecological conditions that favorable for crop pests and diseases. All this information is compared with plant wise knowledge bank and pest datasets using:

– Crop-specific visible wavelengths

– Near-infrared patterns specific to pest type

– Short wave infrared region by our own image processing algorithms to predict disease onset

– This information is utilized in plant health model created for the specific crop to identify earlier pest emergence or pest prediction

Based upon it suggest ways to prevent crops from pest under organic and residue free protocols.

Friendly Insects Density Mapping (FIDM): Above tools are also used for locating the presence of friendly insects. Remote sensing technology is used for spatial distribution information of nutrition and insect presence.  The presence of insects feeding on plants or canopy surface has various impacts on plants and it causes changes in pigment, chemical concentrations, cell structure, nutrient, water uptake, and gas exchange. These changes result in differences in color and temperature of the canopy and affect canopy reflectance characteristics, which can be detectable by remote sensing.

The major difference in harmful insect or pest presence and pollinator or friendly insect presence is harmful pest causes nutritional stress while friendly insects or pollinators decreases nutritional stress. Microwave remote sensed data at various intervals identified nutritional stress combined with vegetation indices.

By using our image processing filters and algorithms the presence of insects are correlated with nutritional stress. In combination, insect population with decreasing nutritional stress nullified by irrigation stress predict the presence of pollinators and creation of crop specific friendly insect maps. If friendly insects density is less than optimum, we suggest steps to increase their population

Integrated Pest Management Schedule. Besides every 15 days, we conduct pest forecasts and confirmation of existing pests. Based upon it we suggest ways to prevent crops from pest under organic and residue free protocols.

Expert Visit: Our expert visits the farm on a monthly basis ensuring seamless interaction, assessment, and planning. 

Multi-platform Accessibility: All data is stored in cloud application as per Apeda guidelines. And multiplatform access is given for accessing reports. In addition, all reports are disseminated using Whatsapp/Messenger/Email.

Extensive Reports: In total 361 Daily Reports, 51 Weekly Reports and 12 Monthly Reports are given during the subscription period of one year.

Six Sigma Implementation: All our processes are implemented through six sigma model to reduce errors. The entire system is designed as scalable and implementable across the globe.

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